Confectionary Graffiti Murals

Confectionary Graffiti Murals
May 2023

This spring, Jolly Rancher Gummies are getting a bold makeover with limited-edition packaging featuring designs from boundary-breaking street artists Danielle Mastrion (NYC), Joe Starkweather (Miami), and KidWiseman (LA). These eye-catching designs celebrate the vibrant spirit of street art and its ability to bring communities together.
Starting May 1, large-scale murals in each of the artists' respective cities - NYC, LA, and Miami - will be open for fans to explore, bringing to life the new Jolly Rancher Gummies packaging designs and showcasing the rich culture of their communities. These murals serve as an exciting, interactive way for Jolly Rancher fans to connect with the brand and experience the creative energy of street art.
The limited-edition Jolly Rancher Gummies, featuring a mix of mouthwatering flavors like green apple, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, and watermelon, are now available in three distinct designs in 7oz and 13oz pouches at retailers nationwide. Each unique design captures the essence of the artists' styles and celebrates the dynamic world of street art.
This collaboration between Jolly Rancher and the talented street artists is a refreshing way for the brand to engage with its fans and offer a new perspective on the popular gummies. It also highlights the company's commitment to supporting the arts and promoting creative expression.